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The Next Generation of Influencers

An integral part of the ShopShops team, the Host drives viewership, engagement and sales by bringing retailers’ product to life and creating desire during their livestreams. The future of online shopping is live streamed and the success of live stream sales is largely driven by the on-air talent and clienteling provided by our Hosts. If talking and selling is your superstrength and you love the camera, this is your dream job.

Go Live Where You Love, Whenever You Want

Have you ever said you should be paid to shop? Well, you’ve found your calling. Sell your own product, or some else’s, on your own schedule! Genuine passion and enthusiasm come through on live stream, so we encourage and empower our hosts to stream what and where they love. Earning potential is uncapped and we’re here to support your growth and development.

Made for the Social Butterfly and Content Creators

If you make it a point to know the best shops in your neighborhood, you have endless content at your fingertips! We’ll give you the tools to turn your local knowledge into your own book of business and turn your business into exciting content that is uniquely your own style. Anything goes – we want you to be you!

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